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Who is Robert Woodard

Welcome to my blog site.  My name is Robert Woodard and I reside in Tacoma, Washington.  My early life began with military service out of high school with the Navy.  After an honorable discharge four years later, I worked in carpentry while getting an associates degree before beginning a long career in the programming field that eventually led me all the way up to CIO.  I traveled a lot of miles and worked for several well-known companies, and a few smaller ones.  Along the way, the passion to write hit me.  Having suffered the frustrations of finding an agent and then suffering the multitude of rejections, I have discovered that self-publishing is the better option for me.  I can put my story out to readers on my schedule and I control much of the process.  My goal is to have others read my stories and hopefully enjoy them as much as I did in writing them.  The purpose of this site is to share what I have published so far, what I am working on, and my thoughts on writing.  More importantly, I wanted a place where I can get direct feedback on my stories to improve them, get ideas, and connect with my readers.  Thank you for coming to my site, and again, welcome.

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