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Upcoming science fiction series

Linda Eccles Series:

1) A Chance Encounter: Linda is captain of the ship, Privateer, who missions are to set up environmental stations on uninhabited planets for the sole purpose of being harvested by the company that owns her ship. At the end of one such mission, the Privateer is deviated from this return trip to look for a company probe that went mission in a section of pace it was sent to map. Against her better wishes, and knowing it violated maritime law to send a commercial ship into uncharted space, Linda follows her orders and encounters a first contact for the human race. It is not a kind encounter and Linda has to use every skill and learned experience to get her ship back out again.

2) The Search for Kracks: Linda grudgingly agrees to return to that lonely section of space where she nearly lost her life and that of her ship and crew. This time, though, she is not going alone. With a military fleet for support, her mission is to captain the science ship that will attempt to contact and communicate with the species calling themselves Kracks. The reptilian aliens live for the hunt, and they see all other species as prey. Getting past this will be the challenge for Linda and the science team aboard her ship. However, the Kracks will not be Linda's only problem as another predetory race is about to enter the mix. Called Curanians, they are anything from friendly.

3) The Curanian Dominance: The Curanians didn't like how they were treated by the military fleet that came to the rescue of the unsophisticated Kracks. Now the Curanians want revenge, but they do not know who owns the fleet nor where they reside. But first things first. They take their revenge out on the Kracks first. How will the humans respond to that without giving away their location to a dangerous race that had deadly ships and solid leadership?

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