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When Jill becomes Sandra

Updated: May 31

While earning her degree in social services, Jill is attacked by two men while dumping her trash in the bin at the apartment complex where she stays. It was a bad mistake on the part of both men. Jill was taught to protect herself from her father, a Marine drill sergeant. Jill wasn't taught just to fight, she was taught to fight to win, and win she did when she walked away from the bin with two dead men lying on the ground. With no witnesses to the event, Jill stayed quiet and it became a cold case.

Now an overworked social worker, Jill becomes disillusioned with the system where men remain abusive to their wives and girlfriends while only receiving slaps on the wrists. She witnesses exes that are fully capable of paying child support who skirt the system to avoid paying it and leaving the mother of their children struggling. Finally tired of it, Jill uses her skills to get even. She begins to knock off these deadbeats. Amateurish at first, she becomes more efficient and hardened to it with each man she takes out of the system.

In a mistake that nearly ended it all, Jill receives a battered face in a struggle with one of her targets. Knowing she can't be seen with a bruised face and split lip right after the murder of a man in what she knew would be seen as a major fight, she decides to fly out to visit her father, now retired, who is touring the country in a motorhome after the death of her mother. When her father questions her on how she got the wounds, and Jill fesses up, he told her that while he couldn't condone her actions, he could give her some help. Healed, Jill returns home.

Jill receives a call from a stranger who tells her that he can help her cause. Jill determines the stranger is that help her father said he could give her, and Jill begins her vengeance anew, only she now has a mysterious entity behind the scenes with very sophisticated ways of helping her. With a fake Sandra ID, Jill went from dangerous to extremely deadly, and anyone in her sights is in big trouble.

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