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The Gibbons Series

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Volume 1 - Sleeping through the Nightmare: Pete is a young man of 23 just beginning to find his way in life. Having completed his college degree in engineering, he struggles to find a job to his liking until he applies for a position working for a research company located in Arizona. Whisked away to an isolated facility in the middle of the desert, he becomes part of team that builds the first workable cryogenic chamber. With his assignment complete, he agrees to come the first human test subject for a 90-day trial. He will emerge over a hundred years later to find his world void of human activity.

April, 20, was born and bred aboard an aging sailboat that is in constant motion along the west coast of California as she, her father and her mother, all that is left of a group of survivalist, follow the migration of fish they depend on for survival. April knows nothing of the society that once inhabited the land she seldom ventures upon. All she ever sees of it is the aging, rotting coastal cities whenever they venture ashore to scrounge for clothing and fishing gear.

Pete and April live their own lives while believing they will be the last of their kind. Slowly, they will come together just outside the small town of Morro Bay where new hope will bud.

Volume 2 - The Gibbons' Seven: Four years have past since Pete and April first met, they now have a two year old daughter and another child on the way. A severe storm wipes out the Gibbons' camp that Pete worked so hard to build, and they must find a new place to leave. This starts the migration north until they settle into a well preserved chalet along the shores of Shasta Lake. It is here that the Gibbons' clan will grow into seven children. You will follow them as they grow into adults where they must decide what the future holds for each of them.

Volume 3 - The Gibbons' Migration: In volume two, April kept having a feeling that something was coming that would bring both sorrow and happiness. The Gibbons are about to find out that others are truly out there. That encounter will start out as Pete would have hoped for. Volume three also brings great change. Disaster will strike the Gibbons and force them out of the only home their young adults have ever known. The Gibbons' migration is about to begin.

Volume 4 - The Gibbons' Battle for Cara: Now settled into a valley in the southern end of Oregon, the Gibbons have once again put their lives back together to create a place they can call home. It is during this time that a young girl called Cara will cross their paths. Cara will be the center of a battle that will test both the will and the ingenuity of Pete to resolve. This volume also closes out the series.

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