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The Linda Eccles Series

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Volume 1 - The Chance Encounter: Captain Linda Eccles commands a setup ship called the Privateer contracted through a company called Universal Mercantile Unlimited. Having just completed her latest mission of setting up a mining station on another remote planet, and looking forward to her return to her home port of Rapatine for an extended stay for overhaul, she is redirected into an uncharted section of space to find and retrieve a lost company probe. In doing so, she encounters an alien race that is just as surprised by her arrival as Linda is in discovering them. Linda decides its time to make a hasty retreat, but the alien commander has orders to prevent it, and the battle of wills begin.

Volume2 - The Search for Kracks: It has been three years since Linda had her encounter with the Kracks. Earth Defense retrieved the alien object Linda had discovered. The Chief Science Specialist Peggy Hopkins has finally broken the alien language and is ready to announce it to the Earth Defense higher ups. What will ensue is a mission to find and communicate with the Kracks who see Humans as just another prey to feast on. How it all plays out, and how Linda factors into it all is a great story. Oh, and there is another alien race out there that just loves to take from others what they feel will make their race, the Curanians, better warriors in future battles. While the Kracks don’t have it, the Humans sure do.

Volume 3 - The Curanian Dominance: Science Specialist Peggy convinces her bosses on Earth to allow her to return to Kracks to retrieve the mysterious ship found buried there. She recruits Linda to tag along to assist in piloting the small vessel off the surface and into the hold of a science ship. Unknown to both, the Curanians have returned to Kracks and leveled it, wiping out their ships, docking station and their village. The Kracks have gone underground where they now find themselves entombed. Admiral Philip Litton, when he learns of the mission to return to Kracks to get the ship becomes concerned that the Curanians may return and track them back to Earth. As a precaution, he redirects the science ship to the space port of Rapatine instead, once they retrieve the alien vessel. When a Curanian ship appears outside the shipping lanes of Rapatine, Philip's concerns are realized. Philip will now have to use all his experience and skill to ward off the Curanians and keep them from learning where Earth is located.

Volume 4 - The Lasting Accord: A lot of loose ends are brought together and tied off in The Lasting Accord, but all new issues will surface, including an accident between the little alien Hamdis Ham and Linda that will change her forever, including how she is viewed by the Governments, including becoming enemy number one in their eyes. Linda has to take things into her own hand, with the little alien help, to put an end to all the craziness in play that always seems to swirl around Linda and her plans.

Volume 5 - The Benanan Remnant: Linda had finally found peace in her life. Married to Philip Litton and with two children, she enjoys a quiet family life while also teaching at the Boeing Flight Academy. Unfortunately for Linda, there is a dark force out their that has tuned into her use of her mental outreach, and they don't like it. A battle is about to ensue between Linda and the age-old aliens known as the Benanan.

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